Ep. #9730

Season 39, Episode 48 -  Air Date: 1/16/2004
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Roman‘s funeral is a somber occasion and draws together family and friends from near and far; Marlena has a disturbing nightmare in which she is mauled by a tiger and Roman appears to take her home; Belle pleads with her mother to give their family a chance and Marlena makes an effort by leaning on John for support at the funeral service; Marlena later discovers her name has accidentally been etched onto the tombstone beside Roman‘s; Kate remembers her promise to Roman and makes an effort toward peacemaking with Sami, but Sami points out that Kate‘s marriage was never consummated and is therefore invalid; Hope is deeply disturbed by a dream that Roman‘s funeral turns into Bo‘s; Bo later finds Agent Spector waiting for him in his living room with news that someone important to him is in grave danger; Jennifer prays for the health of her unborn baby and continues to deal with Abby‘s anger and grief; Doug and Julie return to town with a big surprise - a giant Bengal tiger; Celeste visits