Ep. #9729

Season 39, Episode 47 -  Air Date: 1/15/2004
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Tony receives instructions from Stefano regarding Rex - he needs to make amends with him; Tony goes to Rex and Shawn‘s loft and attempts to extend an olive branch and professes his innocence; Rex tells Tony that he is a Brady and that his life as a DiMera is over. Shawn welcomes Rex to the Brady family; Rex gets another headache and Mimi thinks it could be a sign that the killer is going to strike again; Hope and Jennifer talk about the possibility of Jennifer having to terminate her pregnancy; Celeste thinks that the killer is going to strike again and she goes to Jennifer‘s and goes into a trance; Tony faces off with his Japanese Zen master, Hanzo Hattori; Hanzo gives Tony what he calls the instruments of his opponent - instruments of a real killer: a tiger claw and tooth; When Nicole shot at Victor, she missed; Brady tries to find out what is going on, but Victor will not tell him that Nicole tried to shoot him - and Nicole uses this to her advantage – and she tells Brady that Victo