Ep. #9728

Season 39, Episode 46 -  Air Date: 1/14/2004
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Tony‘s charges are dismissed after Marlena‘s testimony; Tony offers Mickey a huge bonus and he accepts the check on behalf of the Horton Foundation; Tony confides in Celeste about Victor‘s belief that the suspect is female; Victor promises to be in touch with Tony about his potential ""female"" suspect - Nicole hears this and vows to take care of Victor first, she later grabs a gun and shoots Victor; Marlena still will not speak to John, and after the verdict is announced Marlena heads out of the courthouse and is abducted by a mystery person wearing leather gloves and a black hooded sweatshirt…she is taken to a secluded room and she is bound and gagged - the mystery person is John; Bo looks at a photo of Roman and wonders why his brother‘s ghost hasn‘t visited him like his mother‘s did; Bonnie kicks ""the seduction"" of Mickey Horton into high gear and when a fantasy becomes a reality, Bonnie finds herself in a lip lock with old man Horton…