Ep. #9727

Season 39, Episode 45 -  Air Date: 1/13/2004
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Marlena testifies on Tony‘s behalf and tells the court that she doesn‘t believe Tony is the serial killer; Bo lashes out and tells Marlena that if Tony is released and there is another murder, there will be blood on her hands; John asks Celeste if she still believes he is going to kill his wife and Celeste says yes; Nicole meets Jan and calls her on her psychotic need to be with Shawn; Bo asks Victor for help in finding out info on Tony; Victor goes to Tony and he confides to Tony that he believes the Salem Stalker is a woman and Tony agrees; Nicole overhears them; Shawn tells Belle about the feeling that he is being followed; The subject of Jan comes up and Shawn says the girl he chased out of the police station looked a lot like her; Belle tells Shawn about her dad moving out and she thinks for the first time in her life that her parents‘ love is in jeopardy.