Ep. #9726

Season 39, Episode 44 -  Air Date: 1/12/2004
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Brady and Chloe have a romantic last morning together; Nicole learns Chloe is leaving and surprises them by appearing to apologize for her previous behavior, but Nicole is still determined to make Brady hers; Lexie tells Jennifer the ultrasound shows that the fetus is in jeopardy and Jennifer herself could be at enormous risk; Bo confronts Mickey about defending Tony and Mickey insists that Tony get a fair trial; Tek testifies and everyone is rocked to learn that not only is there no solid evidence but that the murder weapon was not the samurai sword but the knife that was used to cut the wedding cake; Marlena still refuses to talk to John; Victor tells John he thinks Tony may be innocent - he suspects the murderer might be a woman; Roman and Abe appear to Celeste again and restate that Tony is not the killer; Celeste tells Marlena and the judge is about to rule when Marlena enters and announces that she would like to be heard…