Ep. #9725

Season 39, Episode 43 -  Air Date: 1/9/2004
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Marlena visits Tony in jail and rails at him for what he has done to the people she loves and is horrified when Mickey tells her he is going to be Tony‘s legal counsel; Belle is worried that the perfect family of John, Marlena, Sami and Eric didn‘t survive, so how will theirs? Shawn discovers he has ""captured"" Nicole and not the girl who was following him; Nicole sees Jan hiding but makes sure Shawn doesn‘t know; Victor tells Nicole that she must stay away from all the men in his family and warns her that he‘ll see her in the death chamber if she is the serial killer; Nicole later finds Jan in the park and tells her that she helped her out before - and now she needs Jan‘s help; Lexie brings Jennifer some baby clothes and pours out her heart; Lexie later takes Alice, Abby, and Jennifer to the hospital so they can hear the baby‘s heartbeat; But what should be a happy occasion turns tragic as Lexie is forced to tell Jennifer that something is wrong with the baby…