Ep. #9724

Season 39, Episode 42 -  Air Date: 1/8/2004
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Brady and Chloe share a romantic breakfast and make a New Year‘s resolution to spend the year together, but Chloe gets a phone call with the opportunity of a lifetime – but Chloe gets a phone call offering her a starring role in a prestigious opera company Brady tells her she has to go, but Chloe says she afraid to leave Brady in Salem with Nicole; Victor rubs it in Nicole‘s face that she will never have Brady and she warns him that she will or she will go after Bo and Philip and maybe even Shawn; Mickey is presented with a challenging career request – to represent Tony DiMera; Bonnie tries to convince him to take the case, but it isn‘t until Celeste tells him of her visit from Roman and Maggie declaring Tony‘s innocence that he agrees to take the case; Tony tells Bart that wanting Mickey as his lawyer is all part of his plan; Bo is with Hope at the station to make an airtight case against Tony – and he vows DiMera will not get out of jail this time, because they‘re having a hard time