Ep. #9723

Season 39, Episode 41 -  Air Date: 1/7/2004
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Shawn begins to sense that someone is watching and/or following him; Kate asks Marlena to sign over her rights to be buried next to Roman to her and Marlena hesitates; Marlena reiterates that she still blames John and Kate for Roman‘s death; Kate then encourages Marlena not to give up on John and the two head off to visit Will together; Sami wakes up in bed with Lucas and they call a truce, the two end up in a tickle fight; Marlena tells Sami that John moved out – now she vows that her next target is Kate; Belle goes to check in with her parents and gets devastating news from her father that he has moved out and then wonders if Caroline‘s prediction will come true after all: will her father end up killing her mother? Ghosts of Salem‘s recently deceased visit Celeste – Roman and Maggie both tell her that Tony is innocent and that the killers true identity is in her subconscious; Celeste is rocked to the core: if she figures out who the killer is, she will be the next target…