Ep. #9722

Season 39, Episode 40 -  Air Date: 1/6/2004
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Everyone is still in shock about Roman‘s death; Marlena continues to act extremely out of character and pushes John further away; Belle is worried that her parents are going to break up; Marlena calls Eric and Carrie to give them the news that their father is dead; Jan breaks into Belle‘s loft and tries on her negligee; Belle wants to make love to Shawn but he tells her this is not the way; Rex makes peace with Kate and the two share a nice moment; Philip takes Kate home and tells her he will spend the night; Kate encourages Philip to fight for Chloe; Lucas goes to Sami‘s apartment and Will tells him that Sami needs him; Sami then asks Lucas to stay the night and she balls in his arms; John moves out of the penthouse, this time with Marlena‘s consent; The commissioner asks Bo to take Roman‘s place as acting commander, and after discussing with Hope, Bo accepts; Victor grills Nicole and asks if she murdered Roman; Nicole will not say anything, just that she saved them from being arreste