Ep. #9721

Season 39, Episode 39 -  Air Date: 1/5/2004
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John, Bo and Hope have caught the mysterious trespasser, pulled off his hood and discovered that it is Tony just as Kate discovers her groom dead in Tuscany‘s kitchen; Victor is suspicious that Nicole killed Roman to get the evidence that she killed Colin; Tony is arrested... again; Kate is in denial that Roman is dead and is convinced they will spend their wedding night together; Brady and Chloe go home and share in their grief by making love, unaware that Nicole is listening at the door, vowing that nothing is going to stop her from getting what she wants; Sami lashes out at Marlena, saying it was her fault that Roman died and then Marlena lashes out at John telling him it was his fault; Mickey invites Bonnie to spend the night; Grandpa Shawn appears to suffer a heart attack but, thankfully, it‘s only a reaction to all the stress; Rex has a deep emotional reaction to Roman‘s death and Grandpa Shawn‘s collapse and he and Grandpa Shawn share an embrace; Later, Rex confronts Tony, who i