Ep. #9720

Season 39, Episode 38 -  Air Date: 1/2/2004
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Roman confronts the killer in the kitchen with a surprising reaction as he unmasks his attacker... and is later cut down by a sharp blade; Bo and Hope hunt for clues and find a cufflink and fear that Tony has come to the wedding to harm Roman; Marlena persuades Sami to give Roman her blessing on his wedding day... but unfortunately, they can‘t find Roman to tell him; Nicole shows Victor the envelope that Roman had with the evidence proving her guilt, but does not submit any details as to how she obtained it, she just says it is their get-out-of-jail free card; Shawn, Belle, Brady and Chloe make New Year‘s resolutions; Shawn strongly implies to Belle that he intends to marry her in 2004; Philip, having finally made it to the reception, is shocked to see Chloe in Salem; Bo, Hope and John capture what they believe is the killer outside Tuscany; In the kitchen, we see a pale, bloody hand fall out of a crate; Celeste, plagued by premonitions, suffers a seizure; Celeste‘s worst fears come t