Ep. #9719

Season 39, Episode 37 -  Air Date: 12/31/2003
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Nicole vows to herself that she will get Brady into her bed; New Year‘s Eve is in full swing at Kate & Roman‘s reception and to lighten the mood, Bonnie leads the guests in Country line dancing; Word of Tony posting bond is spread around, which causes the PD to bump up security; Sami learns from Nicole that Brandon has a new girlfriend; Roman receives a mysterious phone call from someone who says they have proof that Nicole murdered Colin Murphy and that Victor covered it up – they will give him the evidence at Midnight; Alice comes to the rescue of the ruined wedding cake with her world famous donuts; Kate attempts to make peace – again - with Sami but Sami lashes out at Roman for marrying Kate in the first place and tells him that he is no longer her father; Tony is in a dungeon-like room, and vowing to himself that he will destroy the Brady‘s, once and for all; Later, Celeste says the killer is there and Tony is in the bushes; Roman tells Nicole he will put her and Victor away for k