Ep. #9717

Season 39, Episode 35 -  Air Date: 12/29/2003
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Rex finds the messages the killer has sent in Tony‘s PDA; Shawn finds Roman and John and Roman arrests Tony and he is charged with the murders and he tells Roman the danger is not over; Kate is stung that Marlena will now be her matron of honor; John confronts Marlena later and asks her if she is in love with Roman; Kate tells Roman that she believes Marlena still loves him; Roman reassures her only guests with numbers invitations will be allowed to attend the wedding, just as we see an authentic wedding invitation next to the killer‘s mask, gloves, and knife on a desk; Sami destroys what she believes is Kate‘s wedding dress to prevent the wedding; Rex seems inconsolable after Tony is arrested; Chloe runs out on Brady and Victor tells her she hasn‘t won; Brady manages to get through the Chloe and Chloe marches back inside and slaps Nicole right across the face! Celeste faints after getting another premonition of a blood-drenched bride and groom; Bonnie runs into Mickey and he asks her