Ep. #9716

Season 39, Episode 34 -  Air Date: 12/26/2003
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Kate and Roman‘s wedding is underway, but the killer sends Roman another message that he will not live to see his honeymoon; Marlena tells John that if Roman marries Kate it will be his death sentence; Sami vows to stop the wedding - no matter what it takes; Celeste overhears Sami plotting and warns her that if she‘s not careful, her plan will blow up in her face; Sami prays to God asking for forgiveness because she is about to sin; Tony runs into Lucas and later sends an extremely suspicious message via his PDA; Celeste sees a wedding veil covered with blood and feels evil is present; Kate asks Marlena to be matron of honor, but Marlena turns down her request; Brady finds Nicole naked in his room as he gets undressed to shower – and she throws herself at him, just as Chloe comes in to find them in a very compromising position; Rex and Mimi spread Cassie‘s ashes on the hilltop where they were first found; Rex, Mimi, Belle and Shawn meet up and later after having heard about Roman‘s thr