Ep. #9715

Season 39, Episode 33 -  Air Date: 12/25/2003
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Everyone gathers for Christmas at Bo & Hope‘s house where Jennifer shares her good news with the rest of the family and Roman and Kate announce their engagement with one piece of shocking information – they will marry tomorrow; Will and Sami spend Christmas morning at Lucas‘ and then Lucas invites Sami to stay for dinner and Will tries to get them to kiss under the mistletoe; Brady and Chloe share a romantic morning, unaware that Nicole is listening at the door; Victor gives Chloe a priceless Christmas gift from Brady – a set of pearls that belonged to Isabella – which more than infuriates Nicole; Jennifer gets an appointment with Dr. Bader and the news of the pregnancy mends fences between Jennifer and Abby; Bonnie cooks a big breakfast for Mickey and then the two head to the hospital where Jennifer reads the Christmas story to the children; and finally, the killer checks in with Roman – this time it‘s a picture of a blood moon with a message: ""You won‘t live to see your honeymoon nig