Ep. #9714

Season 39, Episode 32 -  Air Date: 12/24/2003
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When Sami and Kate see Roman and Marlena embracing in the park, Sami thinks her prayers have been answered; Sami then happens to later stumble upon Roman proposing to Kate – she says yes! It‘s the traditional tree trimming party at Alice‘s as each member of the family hangs their ornaments; Brady starts to worry that Chloe isn‘t on the jet when she didn‘t call him and Nicole is overjoyed by his misery; Just as Brady is about to give up, he hears Chloe singing Christmas carols in the distance and opens the front door and there she is! The two share a very tender and joyful reunion as Victor and Nicole watch from the doorway – Nicole, of course, with tears in her eyes; and finally, Santa tells Jennifer that Jack will give her a very special present this year and she later announces she is pregnant – truly a Christmas miracle.