Ep. #9712

Season 39, Episode 30 -  Air Date: 12/22/2003
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Jan stands in the pantry, ready to spring on Belle with the hammer; Bonnie and Mimi are lucky and manage to get away from the killer; Roman and Rex think they have The Salem Stalker cornered yet he/she gets away – Roman takes a shot at the killer and later finds blood and orders CSI out there right away; Bonnie uses her attack to her advantage with Mickey and he offers to drive her home - and Bonnie jumps at the chance; Sami and Lucas have a misunderstanding, but end up going to sleep in the same bed and Sami has a dream about making love to Lucas, but eventually ends up fast asleep in his arms; Rex and Shawn return to the loft and Rex tells Mimi he almost lost her, but he‘s glad she‘s OK; Shawn and Belle plan to head upstairs again and Jan cannot believe it when she hears they are both still virgins – and then vows that they better behave themselves so she can be Shawn‘s first; and just when Roman thinks he‘s safe – the killer is watching him from behind the trees…