Ep. #9710

Season 39, Episode 28 -  Air Date: 12/18/2003
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The killer lurks outside the Brady Pub, watching Roman; Roman debates giving Kate a ring for Christmas and Sami tells Lucas she will not let her father and Kate ever be together; Belle and Shawn share a romantic evening at home - although Jan is never far and Jan has some pretty steamy fantasies about Shawn; Nicole continues to try to tempt Brady – but he tells her he is waiting for Chloe; Victor calls Chloe and tells her he will send his jet to bring her home; Lucas and Sami argue over the stunt Lucas pulled and Sami warns: if Lucas tries it again, she‘ll have every right to kill him; Lucas then buys Sami dinner after Grandpa Shawn tells them they need to get along for Will‘s sake; Kate follows Roman trying to protect him and he mistakes her for the killer, just as the killer takes a swing at Roman, but gets away…the killer then meets Sami and takes another swipe at her…