Ep. #9709

Season 39, Episode 27 -  Air Date: 12/17/2003
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TEK tells Bo that he is most likely the next victim after Roman; Bonnie and her dog Max, open a ""charity"" Christmas tree lot in Salem, and Bonnie slips some alcohol into Mickey‘s eggnog; Bonnie then has two naughty fantasies – one about Rex and one about Mickey; Rex plans a romantic evening for Mimi; Bo & Hope host a tree trimming party to kick off the holiday season; A potentially dangerous package arrives and scares the family because all they hear is ticking coming from inside the box! Jan continues to follow Belle and Shawn and vows once again that she will have Shawn for herself; Bonnie notices Jan lurking around and goes to confront her, but gets distracted and doesn‘t get the chance to tell Mimi; and finally, Bo gets another message on his PDA from the killer – it‘s a skeleton head wearing a Santa Hat that says, ""Death never takes a holiday""…