Ep. #9699

Season 39, Episode 17 -  Air Date: 12/3/2003
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Sami needs a serious attitude adjustment as she blasts her mother for being married to John and then she continues to push Roman into helping prove that John is the killer, and when Roman digs deep down, he discovers that John has no alibi for any of the murders; Jennifer and Lexie bond in mourning over their lost husbands and Celeste helps Lexie cope by channeling Abe for her which allows the two of them to share one last dance together; After they dance Lexie begs Abe to tell her who killed him. Abe tells her that he cannot tell her but assures her ""That the best is yet to come""; Bo continues to search for clues in the murders; Nicole spills the beans to Brady that Victor is planning to bring Chloe back to Salem.