Ep. #9696

Season 39, Episode 14 -  Air Date: 11/28/2003
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Salem residents try to have as normal a Thanksgiving as ever, despite the recent horrors befalling their loved ones – Bo and Hope are hosting dinner at their house; Grandpa Shawn decides to spend a quiet day with Kayla and Kimberly; Roman and Kate share a romantic morning; Sami tells Lucas that they share siblings; Cassie has a dream and figures out the killer‘s identity and then she gets a call from the killer and tells them she knows it‘s them and is on her way to tell Roman when Celeste‘s premonition becomes reality – Cassie‘s bloody dead body is discovered at The Salem Fall Celebration – she falls from the inside of a piñata and we see Kate standing there with a bloody knife in her hand – has she been caught red-handed…???