Ep. #9591

Season 38, Episode 162 -  Air Date: 7/1/2003
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PREVIEW: Cassie seduces Lucas; Tony gives Sami a lavish gift; Nicole buys a gun to have Victor killed.SUMMARY:At the DiMera mansion, Bart packs up Rex‘s laser, and Rex walks in on Tony with the mysterious vial of goop. Tony doesn‘t tell him what it is, but assures him that he trusts him because he is his son. Rex wonders if that is the only reason why. Rex realizes that very soon, he will be in on every level of the DiMera family business…In the living room at the DiMera mansion, Lucas has another daydream about Sami – that she is able to speak again. She comes onto him and asks him where his voice is. Cassie comes in, and he loses his concentration and she asks him if he is thinking about Sami again. Trying to cover, he kisses her. She responds as Tony comes downstairs and almost catches them, as Rex warns Cassie to stay away from ""coma-boy""...Meanwhile, John tells Philip that they‘re waiting for the test results on the substance Philip found on the ship. Tek arrives and tells Joh