Ep. #9579

Season 38, Episode 150 -  Air Date: 6/13/2003
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PREVIEW: Chloe bids Brady farewell and exits Salem; Mimi and Rex team up for a grisly task.SUMMARY:Chloe arrives at The Blue Note for her performance. The club is not yet open. Chloe overhears Brady and a stagehand pointing out that there really is no future for Chloe as a singer in Salem. Meanwhile, unaware that Chloe is nearby, Philip comes to meet with Brady. The guys put their differences aside and decide they both want what‘s best for Chloe. Meanwhile, one of the Blue Note singers talks to Chloe about the opportunity before her. Later, Philip tells Chloe that he thinks she should go and not make the same mistakes he made by holding on too tightly to the one you love. Chloe tells Brady that she has accepted Cecilia‘s offer. Brady, trying not to show that his heart is breaking, assures her that this is what‘s best for her. Chloe tells Brady that after she finishes the song she will leave tonight. With one last kiss, she is gone. Bo shocks Hope with the price tag of how much settin