Ep. #9570

Season 38, Episode 141 -  Air Date: 6/2/2003
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PREVIEW: Kate and her family interrupt Brandon and Sami‘s wedding with a shocking announcement!SUMMARY: Sami and Brandon‘s quickie wedding is well underway and Sami is trying to her best to get the Justice of the Peace to speed things up. Brandon isn‘t quite sure about Sami‘s odd behavior but when he calls her on it she covers and says that she just wants it short and sweet. He agrees to go ahead and the Justice of the Peace starts again, and wouldn‘t you know that Sami is in an even bigger hurry now. After the third time, they are finally married. As soon as they kiss, she rushes the justice to sign the paperwork…Meanwhile, still at the hospital, Nicole squawks at Lucas that he promised her Sami‘s head on a platter. Lucas tries to calm her and reminds her that Kate is on the phone with Roman hopping that she will have more luck. Later, Roman gets there demanding to know what is going on and why he had to put an APB out on Sami‘s car. Lucas won‘t tell him anything and Nicole says,