Ep. #9560

Season 38, Episode 131 -  Air Date: 5/19/2003
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PREVIEW: Bo is held at gunpoint; Sami and Tony conspire against Marlena and John.SUMMARY:Bo continues his trek after Vin Ramsell and stops at a small back road bar in Oklahoma. He eats breakfast then shows the locals a photo of Ramsell. Nobody admits to recognizing Vin, so Bo apparently leaves. As Jake, one of the patrons, makes a call to Vin, Bo reappears to take the phone. Jake, threatening Bo with a gun, gets the phone back. After he leaves, Bo manages to write down Vin‘s phone number that he memorized when he had the phone. Rex has a luncheon at Tuscany to celebrate his early completion of courses at Salem University. Before everyone leaves for the luncheon, Marlena visits Sami and Belle, asking them to be mentors to Cassie. Meanwhile, Tony warns both Lucas and Cassie to stay away from each other after he witnesses an exchange between them. Cassie ignores Tony and asks Lucas for a ride to Tuscany. As the guests arrive and Maggie seats them, Rex and Cassie are surprised to learn o