Ep. #9559

Season 38, Episode 130 -  Air Date: 5/16/2003
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PREVIEW: Cassie admits she is interested in Philip; Mimi loves her newfound fame; Brady is upset about Chloe‘s new gift; Philip reunites with Kate.SUMMARY:Lucas arrives at the DiMera Mansion and asks Tony for details about the job he‘s been offered. Tony hands him an envelope and instructs him to take it to a guy named Simon at Echelon and wait as he reads it. Lucas is reluctant at first, but goes to meet Simon. Meanwhile, Cassie likes what she sees when she spots Lucas at the mansion. She tells Tony that she‘s interested in Philip Kiriakis, but Tony is adamant she stay away from the son of his nemesis. At Echelon, Simon points a gun at Lucas, but Lucas hands him the envelope. After reading its contents, Simon profusely apologizes, revealing that Tony has given Lucas complete authority over him (Simon). Lucas tests Simon and has him put the gun to his own head and Simon nervously complies. Lucas, loving the power, returns to Tony and accepts the job... Philip reunites with Kate at Ro