Ep. #9558

Season 38, Episode 129 -  Air Date: 5/15/2003
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PREVIEW: Philip returns to Salem! The girls are rewarded for Love is Blind; Nicole passes out in Brady‘s arms.SUMMARY:Everyone is still reeling to learn that Philip is the Love is Blind hunk; Chloe, Brady, Victor and Nicole have spotted him on TV and are also surprised. Brady wonders how Philip‘s return to Salem will impact Chloe. He‘s taken aback when she asks him to go tell Philip to visit her when he can and Brady reluctantly acquiesces. On the live show, Philip is reunited with his friends and Gabi moves the show forward under the pretense that Philip/Belle could turn into a real couple. Shawn is not pleased when Philip pulls Belle into a searing kiss. Gabi surprises the girls at the end of the show with checks for $50,000 each, giving Mimi the biggest reaction because she‘s not used to so much money. Victor storms in with Nicole and confronts Philip for not calling. Philip is apologizing as Brady moves in and he gets a moment alone to give Philip Chloe‘s message, warning him to