Ep. #9555

Season 38, Episode 126 -  Air Date: 5/12/2003
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PREVIEW: The winner of ""Love is Blind"" is chosen; Jennifer chooses a maid of honor; Sami is taken hostage!SUMMARY:The second episode of Love is Blind concludes and it‘s revealed that the mystery hunk chose Belle for his final dinner date. Sami is proud of her sister and urges her not to count the hunk out and to keep her options open. Guys immediately swarm to Belle and Mimi, while Cassie flirts with a guy named Christopher. Both Shawn and Rex are constantly pushed aside and are not very happy as eligible bachelors drool over Belle and Mimi. Belle and Shawn return to his room, where they kiss and snuggle with each other. Mimi, a little paranoid about being followed by any of her new fans, retreats to Belle‘s room and is happily surprised to find shirtless Rex cozy in bed, waiting for her. They make out and also end up snuggling. Back at the pub, Cassie gets Christopher worked up over her and then leaves him all hot and bothered... Hope continues to reel from the shock that Bo quit hi