Ep. #9552

Season 38, Episode 123 -  Air Date: 5/7/2003
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PREVIEW: Lexie makes a mysterious call; a desperate plea is made on Jack and Jennifer‘s show; Belle & Shawn exchange purity ringsSUMMARY:Lexie comes to Sami‘s apartment to see Brandon and is surprised to see Eugenia about to knock on the door. Lexie asks what she‘s doing there and Eugenia admits she‘s come to tell Sami something about the paternity test, but Lexie is embarrassed she ever had the test done and doesn‘t want Eugenia to mention it again. Meanwhile, Brandon goes to see Roman to ask for Sami‘s hand in marriage. Roman gives his blessing and Brandon returns home just in time to overhear Eugenia tell Lexie that she can‘t keep quiet any longer. Brandon questions Eugenia, but Lexie shoos her away. Alone with Lexie, Brandon tells her that he‘s going to propose to Sami. She thinks he can do better, but wishes him well. Later, Lexie makes a mysterious call to someone and says she stopped Eugenia from telling Brandon about the paternity test. Meanwhile, Sami gets a message from Bra