Ep. #9550

Season 38, Episode 121 -  Air Date: 5/5/2003
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PREVIEW: One of the girls is voted off of ""Love is Blind""; Vin‘s plan is ruined; things heat up between Mimi and Rex.SUMMARY:The party continues at the DiMera Mansion as Cassie experiences the embarrassing fallout of being the first one voted off Love is Blind. Shawn is not happy that Belle has advanced with Mimi to the second date and presses her to find out if she goes on the final dinner date with the hunk. As they talk, Vin gives Chaz a white powder to slip into Shawn‘s drink. Chaz pours it into Shawn‘s drink and Vin eagerly watches in the background. Just as Shawn is about to take a sip from the contaminated soda, he spots Vin and goes to confront him. He notices Vin‘s fascination with his cup; Belle is about to take a sip from Shawn‘s cup when he realizes that something is wrong with the drink and knocks the cup out of her hand. Vin takes off and Shawn grabs Chaz by the collar, demanding to know what was in the drink. Chaz claims ignorance, so Shawn calls Bo to get the police o