Ep. #9543

Season 38, Episode 114 -  Air Date: 4/24/2003
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PREVIEW: Tremors rock Salem! Rex and Cassie have a psychic connection; the quake shakes Nicole and Victor; Lexie gets trapped. SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** Cassie is a wreck because Rex has been kidnapped and insists Tony save him now! The kidnapper tells Tony to drop the money in a trashcan at the gym. John also gets a call from the kidnapper, demanding a million from him as well. John tells Marlena about Rex and promises that he will handle this on his own. Meanwhile, Rex is tied up in a warehouse and begs the kidnapper to release him so he can stop the tremors. The kidnapper leaves and Rex tries to connect with Cassie through a psychic connection. She feels Rex‘s danger and manages to track him down. He urges her to untie him so he can stop the earthquakes, but another one rumbles through and Rex fears it may be too late.Back at the penthouse, Marlena calls Ops and implores him to help John with this kidnapping situation. John makes the drop at the gym, but slips into the