Ep. #9542

Season 38, Episode 113 -  Air Date: 4/23/2003
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PREVIEW: Rex gets kidnapped and his experiment ruined; Chloe is nervous about other women in Brady‘s life; Hope comforts Bo in the sauna.SUMMARY: Nancy, Craig, Chloe and Brady are talking and Craig gives Chloe the good news - that the transplant took! She is going to be fine. Chloe breathes a sigh of relief and then Craig tells her that she can go home tomorrow, but she has to promise to adhere to strict guidelines to avoid infection. Chloe says she knows and she is just very happy. They celebrate with sparkling cider, but the celebration is cut short when Craig gets called back to work and Brady announces that he has to leave to go to a symphony fundraiser with his grandfather. He thought Chloe would be OK with it because it will raise money to keep music in public schools. She tells him to go and he promises to come back and tell her all about it. Alone with Nancy, Chloe tells her that she‘s afraid that Victor will try to convince Brady to break up with her, but Nancy reassures Ch