Ep. #9534

Season 38, Episode 105 -  Air Date: 4/11/2003
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PREVIEW: Shawn tries to convince Belle to quit the show; Sami is fed up with Brandon; Marlena and John reveal secrets. SUMMARY: At the Hospital, Lucas pulls Sami from her receptionist job to make copies of material for his board meeting. She refuses, but Brenda tells Sami to do as Lucas says and she has no problem covering for her as she‘s use to covering for Sami‘s two hour coffee breaks. He wants 5 copies collated before the meeting starts, 3 hole punched and in covers. Sami is furious as Brenda tells her the main copier has been having problems and she‘ll have to double check everything. Brandon approaches Sami and she vents that she is angry that she has to be Lucas‘ errand girl, but Brandon tells her to be nice to Lucas because he has a lot riding on this meeting. He tells her that his department is hoping to get a chunk of money from the board. She agrees to be nice, but Lucas was lurking and suggests that she listen to Brandon. Lucas tells Sami that he can withhold money fr