Ep. #9532

Season 38, Episode 103 -  Air Date: 4/8/2003
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PREVIEW: Jack and Hope try to find Jennifer; shots ring out at Vin‘s house; Belle, Cassie and Mimi audition for a TV dating show.SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** Roman urges Bo to wait for backup, unaware that Vin already knows that they are there. Vin takes duffel bags full of money to his car and impatient Bo starts to move in. Chaz opens fire from the house and Bo/Roman are caught in the crossfire. Roman gets hit and goes down, but he‘s wearing a bulletproof vest. Reinforcements finally arrive and they arrest Chaz, but Vin escapes and Bo gives chase. Meanwhile, Hope and Jack find Jennifer‘s abandoned car in the parking garage. Jack tries her cell phone again and they discover her phone and purse underneath the car. Realizing Jennifer must be in danger, Jack and Hope split up to find her. Jack goes back to Carson‘s office and witnesses Palmer shredding documents. He distracts the devious DA and breaks into the office, stealing a couple of documents in the ""to be shredded"" pile; Ja