Ep. #9525

Season 38, Episode 96 -  Air Date: 3/28/2003
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PREVIEW: Marlena accuses John of treating her like a criminal; Jennifer and Jack confront Palmer, but he plays it cool; Belle is stunned to discover that Cassie is completely recovered from her hangover.SUMMARY: At the Black penthouse, Marlena comes downstairs, adjusting her earring in silence. John approaches her and tells her that she came to bed in silence, and she has been cold and distant all day. Marlena is very angry about the bug John put in her purse and tells him that she does not like being treated like a criminal…Over at the Hartly House, Belle enters her room, only to find Cassie on the floor doing sit-ups. Belle is surprised that she is feeling so well. Cassie tells her that Chaz came by and he gave her a Prairie Oyster. It contained a raw egg and Worcestershire sauce that seemed to do the trick. Add that to a couple shots of whiskey and she‘s better. Belle says she cannot believe she would drink again after being so sick, but Cassie shrugs it off. She tells Belle tha