Ep. #9524

Season 38, Episode 95 -  Air Date: 3/27/2003
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PREVIEW: Bo listens to Jack‘s theory that Carson Palmer is in league with Salem‘s new crime boss; Hope helps Jennifer with her Palmer probe; Sami gets upset when she witnesses Brandon talking with Lexie at the hospital.SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** Jack goes to Bo with his theory that Carson Palmer is in cahoots with the new crime boss in Salem, and Bo admits that would explain why so many criminals are getting off easy. Carson interrupts them and announces that he‘ll prosecute the drive-by shooter. Bo/Jack know he‘s only doing it because he‘s under so much public pressure and Carson is privately determined to stop their investigation. Meanwhile, Hope goes to see Jennifer at The Spectator and help her with the Palmer investigation; they find a photo of Carson‘s mystery date at the Blue Note. They bring the photo to Jack and Bo at the station and learn that the woman‘s name is Maria Annendel, and she has quite a rap. Jennifer and Jack decide to confront the DA, while Hope is happy