Ep. #9519

Season 38, Episode 90 -  Air Date: 3/18/2003
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It‘s an Old-Fashioned St. Patrick‘s Day Celebration at the Brady Pub! PREVIEW: St. Patrick‘s Day celebration at Brady pub - Irish dancing and Gaelic spoken! Abe and Bo argue over gangs; Nancy takes Joy to visit Chloe; Cassie tells Belle to sleep with Shawn.SUMMARY: Brady runs through the halls of the hospital towards Chloe‘s room after hearing the page for him to return there. He gets there and finds Craig and asks him what is wrong. Craig tells him she is OK, she just had another chemo treatment, and she is feeling depressed. He says he tried to help but she told him to ""scram"" so he thought maybe Brady could give it a shot. He goes into her room, but Chloe tells him that she wants him to leave her alone. He refuses to go anywhere, but she pleads with him and he eventually does as she asks, and as he steps into the hall, Chloe starts to drift off to sleep…Over at the Black Penthouse, John runs downstairs to open the door to Belle, who is crying. She comes in, and tells John that