Ep. #9518

Season 38, Episode 89 -  Air Date: 3/17/2003
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PREVIEW: Jennifer announces her re-marriage to Jack; Bo confronts Carson Palmer; Victor sees Nicole is unhappy. SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** Jack, Jennifer and Abby share a happy breakfast together. As Jack tries to fix the toaster, he gets a call from the paper about a press conference being held by Carson Palmer. He goes to cover the conference and is extremely suspicious of Palmer‘s spin on the recent arrest and conviction statistics. When Jack asks some questions about gang activity, Palmer evades and abruptly ends the conference. Meanwhile, Jennifer gets a call from her father and she tells him that she and Jack are going to re-marry. As she listens to her father, she manages to repair the toaster. Jack returns and tells Jennifer he‘s convinced something is going on with Carson Palmer and he‘s determined to figure out what it is...Bo is furious when he sees a gang member he arrested is out on lack of evidence and already being hauled back into the station. Roman speculat