Ep. #9515

Season 38, Episode 86 -  Air Date: 3/12/2003
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PREVIEW: Bo sweeps Hope off to the St. Luke‘s Carnival; Brady makes Chloe a special promise; Victor and Tony make a devilish deal. SUMMARY: At the DiMera Mansion, Tony comes home and finds Bart sitting in the dark at the chess board. Tony questions him and Bart explains how Rolf has left, sayonara, averedecchi. Tony is angry, and says that Rolf may be through with the DiMera‘s, but the DiMera‘s are not through with him! They head down to the secret room to look for clues as to where Rolf may have went. Tony hears a strange beeping noise. Bart looks around and he finds John‘s ""wally wabbit"" very easily. Tony orders Bart to seal the room tight, as it is no longer ""secret"" since his nemesis gained entry so easily. He remarks that the bug is something from his father‘s era, and he doesn‘t need it any more, and he tells Bart to get rid of it. Bart throws it to the floor and is about to smash it with his foot, but Tony stops him. Tony speaks directly into it, saying this is the last tran