Ep. #9514

Season 38, Episode 85 -  Air Date: 3/11/2003
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PREVIEW: Tony‘s death threat affects Larry‘s plea bargain; John puts his spy gadgets to good use. SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** Victor stares daggers at Larry as he announces the deal is off; everyone believes Larry is reneging on his plea bargain with the D.A., but Tony knows it‘s his response to the death threat. The judge calls a recess and Victor asks Bo for a moment alone with Larry. Victor meets with Larry and learns of Tony‘s threat, realizing his plan has a kink and he may have to sacrifice his wife. Victor pulls Tony aside and demands Tony to rescind his death threat, but Tony refuses. Marlena arrives at the hearing and begs Tony to do the right thing when she learns what‘s going on. She is able to convince him when she implores him to be a positive role model for Cassie and Rex. With Lexie‘s help, Tony gets Abe to send Larry a message that it‘s his lucky day. Larry returns to the hearing room and goes ahead with his guilty plea. Hope is freaked when Larry asks the jud