Ep. #9513

Season 38, Episode 84 -  Air Date: 3/10/2003
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PREVIEW: Hope freaks out in court; Abby gets a new, African pet; Shawn finds Belle in his bed. SUMMARY: In Salem Park, Brandon has met his mom for lunch, and he tells her about moving in with Sami. She is not happy and he gets upset and she thinks that Sami Brady is nothing but trouble and for him to think with his head. After the two of them go a few rounds about how Sami will break his heart he just asks her to give Sami a chance and she eventually agrees to keep an open mind…At the Hartley House, Shawn returns to his room from baseball practice to find Belle in his bed waiting for him but he tells her that he‘s coming down with a cold and doesn‘t want to get her sick. Belle is still very uneasy about the fact that Cassie and Rex are her new siblings. She expresses that she‘s upset about Larry Welch and how she has been thinking about how she almost died. He tells that he‘s going off for their first away game, but promises to spend lots of time with her when he returns. She tel