Ep. #9512

Season 38, Episode 83 -  Air Date: 3/7/2003
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PREVIEW: Nancy‘s water breaks and she gives birth to Chloe‘s baby sister! Sami serves Brandon a romantic lunch; Victor makes Nicole‘s life miserable. SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** A nurse excuses Brady so she can check Chloe‘s vitals and she wakes up, concerned to learn that Nancy still hasn‘t given birth. Anxious and alone, she gets up and leaves to see Nancy. Meanwhile, Nancy overhears that Chloe is scared about her transplant and wants to go see her daughter. Brady shows up just as Nancy‘s water breaks and she goes into active labor; he rushes to tell Chloe, but he‘s alarmed when he finds her bed empty. Nancy overhears when Brady tells Craig that Chloe is missing. Brady finds Chloe and brings her to the birthing suite just in time to witness her sister‘s birth. Nancy and Craig give Chloe the honor of naming the baby and she chooses the name Joy because the little girl has already brought so much joy to their lives...Odell P. Smith introduces himself to John as Ops and has b