Ep. #9511

Season 38, Episode 82 -  Air Date: 3/6/2003
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PREVIEW: John gives Tony some ground rules about Marlena -- and confides his true feelings to Kate; Chloe begins her treatments. SUMMARY: In Chloe‘s hospital room, she is laying there and Brady is staying right by her side. She has just had her first radiation treatment and is being told what lies ahead for her. She asks Brady to hold her as she is very scared. Brady gets up on the bed next to her and tells her he will help her through this time. Brady compares this experience with a caterpillar to butterfly metamorphosis. She‘ll be re-born in a sense after this procedure. Later, Craig comes in and Brady excuses himself to check some cell phone messages. Craig tells Chloe that he talked with her oncologist about her tests and she is going to be okay. Craig gives her a kiss and says everything will be okay. Chloe tells him that she‘s dreamed of this day for so long, and tells him how when she was young and burst her head open and needed stitches. She whacked her head on a dresser