Ep. #9509

Season 38, Episode 80 -  Air Date: 3/4/2003
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PREVIEW: Shawn is released and rushes to find Belle; Jennfier stops the presses with word of Larry‘s confession. SUMMARY: At the DiMera, mansion, we return to Marlena and Tony telling the twins that they‘re their parents. Belle and Brady walk in and overhear from the foyer. John explains that they were conceived in a lab and that on the island, Marlena remembered giving birth to the twins, and it appears that Tony is their father. Marlena reminds them that she once had a strong maternal sense towards them from the first time she saw them in the Brady garage. Tony promises Cassie and Rex that they are part of the family they‘ve always longed for, but Cassie thinks they can‘t be a family because Tony and Marlena aren‘t married. Marlena rationalizes this notion and attempts to explain that there is more to being a family than just a marriage and she tells the twins they have a place in her family. Rex says that can‘t be because the two of them don‘t even like each other. Tony disagre