Ep. #9504

Season 38, Episode 75 -  Air Date: 2/25/2003
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PREVIEW Shawn is booked for Colin‘s murder! A drunken Nicole turns to Brandon for help. SUMMARY **from SoapCity.com** Bo and Hope are outraged as Roman arrests and books Shawn for Colin‘s murder. Abe is called in and Bo accuses his brother of choosing duty over family. Belle convinces Roman to let her talk to Shawn and she‘s thrilled when Shawn admits he pushed her away because he loves her and wanted to protect her. After Belle leaves, Hope asks Abe if she can speak with Shawn and she reassures her son that she believes in his innocence. Hope asks Belle to stay with her at Shawn/Caroline‘s house and Belle agrees. Meanwhile, Bo and Mickey talk to Shawn, who explains exactly how he shot Colin. Once Shawn finishes his story, Bo proclaims that Shawn didn‘t kill Colin!Nicole starts to get drunk in order to forget the sex she just shared with Victor. He cuts her off from the alcohol in the mansion, so she heads out to the Cheatin‘ Heart and bribes the bartender to give her some afte