Ep. #9502

Season 38, Episode 73 -  Air Date: 2/21/2003
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PREVIEW: Belle and Hope fight for their lives when Larry reveals himself! John and Tony fight in a fencing duel. SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** Belle sees Larry and tries to knock him out, but he catches her and forces her to nail the windows shut as gas continues to spread throughout the house. Larry disables all the door locks and Hope succumbs to the gas and passes out. Larry handcuffs Belle to the staircase and makes his way back to the basement, but finds himself trapped in with the deadly gas. Meanwhile, Shawn is brought into the trauma center and Craig discovers that Shawn is taking drugs. He informs Bo, who is horrified; Cassie and Rex arrive, also very worried about Shawn. Bo learns the pills weren‘t Hope‘s original prescription and realizes Larry must have switched them. Roman overhears Shawn as he finally confesses to Bo that he shot Colin. Kate arrives and tries to comfort Roman, who now had to choose between his family and his job. He sends Cassie and Rex home, whil