Ep. #9493

Season 38, Episode 64 -  Air Date: 2/10/2003
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PREVIEW: Hope confronts Larry and confides in Bo; Roman turns his back on Kate. SUMMARY: John and Marlena arrive at the DiMera compound. She is a bit shaken, but John assures her that she will be okay. They are able to just walk in, which makes John think that someone was expecting them. Marlena is once again drawn to the painting of the ocean. She tells John that she is stronger now and is ready to face her memories…but that she is also afraid of what they may find there. John assures her that she had no power over what happened to her when she was there, reminding her that she was drugged and frightened. She asks what if they find out she gave birth to the twins and then gave them to Stefano to raise. Marlena begins to remember more as she looks at the picture and hears the sound of the crashing waves. She says she thought at first it was fear she was feeling when she heard the sound, but now she knows it is grief. She then realized that the sound of the ocean calmed her. Marlen