Ep. #9492

Season 38, Episode 63 -  Air Date: 2/7/2003
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PREVIEW: Roman demands answers from Marlena about the twins; Brandon comforts Shawn, while Sami advises Belle on the art of boyfriend management; Hope confronts Larry and confides in Bo; Roman turns his back on Kate. SUMMARY: **from SoapCity.com** Roman asks Marlena if she is the mother of the Twins, and while she doesn‘t confirm nor deny, she tells Roman that his days of saving her are over and urges him to focus on Kate. Meanwhile, John tells Kate to tend to Basic Black while he is away with Marlena. Kate inquires if Marlena is the mother of the Twins, but John tells her to let it go. Roman arrives after John‘s left and locks himself in with Kate, preventing her from running away from the truth anymore. John meets up with Marlena and they say good-bye to Belle, ready to find out the answers to Marlena‘s missing years...Brandon runs into Shawn feverishly shooting hoops and can see he‘s in a bad place; he offers Shawn a chance to open up and Shawn starts to respond to Brandon u