Ep. #9491

Season 38, Episode 62 -  Air Date: 2/6/2003
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PREVIEW: Hope unknowingly falls deeper under Larry‘s spell; Jennifer drops a bombshell on Jack; Tony hatches a new plan. SUMMARY: In Tony‘s room at the hospital, Kate shows up with a big bouquet of flowers for him. He tells her that he is glad to see her. They begin to talk, and Kate warns Tony that if he continues to press her for information about her dealings with Stefano, then their relationship, or any chance of one between them, is over. He agrees that they will not talk about Kate‘s past. Instead, they talk about Tony‘s. Tony tells Kate that he has reason to believe that he is the twins‘ father. Kate wonders if Marlena is their mother? Tony says he doesn‘t know. Kate thinks Marlena must be grieving for the time she lost with the twins…In other areas of the hospital, Sami continually tries to talk to Brandon, but he keeps blowing her off. Roman comes in and asks to see Tony: police business. Sami tells him that Kate is in with Tony, and she brought flowers. They get into a