Ep. #9474

Season 38, Episode 45 -  Air Date: 1/13/2003
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PREVIEW: Jennifer allows Jack to spend the night; forensics offer new insight into Colin‘s murder; Chloe heads back to the hospital. SUMMARY: At Jennifer‘s house, she is dressed for bed and she listens as Jack talks on the phone. He hangs up, telling her that Jo will bring Abby home, so they do not have to go pick her up. Jennifer begins rambling on and on about having no food in the house, market is closed, but there is a 24-hour deli that is open... Jack stops her, saying that they have to talk before Abby comes home. Jennifer is very upset, and feels guilty because she doesn‘t know why she thought she could take on Colin alone. Jack tells her that he knows she was only thinking of saving his life. Jennifer tells him that she blames herself because she knows that she only did it to save the man she loved. Jack tells her that Colin victimized her, making her feel she had no other choice, just as Lawrence Alamain did years ago when he raped her. Jennifer says she has always thoug